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Join the Team

If you are committed to becoming the best teacher you can be, and you have a sincere desire to support teachers, schools and school districts in their professional development efforts for teacher-student engagement, we would be happy to entertain the possibility of having you join the Fresh Eyes team.

Teacher and Class

Answer these 10 questions and consider the possibility:

  • Do you put more time and effort into developing your craft than other teachers in your school?

  • Are you always ready to chat about pedagogy with fellow teachers?

  • Do you jump at the chance to observe other teachers in order to gain insight into your own teaching?

  • Do you sometimes wish that increased effort was tied to increased compensation?

  • Would you like to determine your own worth?

  • Would you like to be afforded a part-time opportunity which is integrally connected to your profession as a teacher?

  • Would you like an additional opportunity that is NOT a conflict of interest with your position as a teacher?

  • Do you firmly believe that digital video can be used collaboratively to improve instruction among teachers?

  • Are you still as enthusiastic about teaching as you were when you first decided to become a teacher?

  • Do you believe teachers should engage in reciprocal feedback with their peers to improve instruction?

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