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Our Mission

Let's get one thing straight. Teaching is the most important profession in the world. Perhaps in our ongoing pursuit to perfect our craft, we engage in professional development efforts that are a mile-wide and an inch-deep, gathering to discuss with colleagues the art of instruction but rarely having the opportunity to share real-time instruction with teaching peers. Busy schedules make traditional peer observation programs unwieldy. 

With the advent of the smart-phone, teachers can now easily share instruction by obtaining their very own video platform with Fresh Eyes on Teaching.  With our exclusive, interactive network, teachers can reciprocate feedback within or between schools and individually with teaching friends across the world to help each other hone the challenging aspects of pedagogy.  Rarely can such an authentic yet simple form of professional development be found. 

Teachers simply record instruction on their mobile devices and upload to their chosen video channel(s) by grade level or subject matter. Uploading and adding some interactive questions to lead the discussion help peer observers focus their feedback. This reciprocal process raises the bar of quality instruction.

With Fresh Eyes on Teachingteachers become the reluctant stars of the show because the focus is on them, not their students.  Peer observers want to see the teacher in action. By emphasizing instruction, the ultimate winners are the students.  Curricula is plentiful, but instruction is where learning takes place..


Teacher You Are a Star
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